What’s the Best Bar Counter Height?

Photo of bar counter height barstools and white subway tile covered bar.

Who’s ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of bar counter height? Hold on to your shorts, it’s about to get exciting. What is Counter Height and Bar Height? Counter height and bar height are not the same thing. Counter height is the normal height of kitchen and bathroom counters, and is the shorter … Read more

10 Tiki Torches to Enchant Your Backyard Bar

Enjoy your summer by keeping the mosquitos at bay and adding a whole lot of flair to your backyard bar with these must-have tiki torches.

The dancing flames of tiki torches add such a wonderful ambiance to a backyard. Since it’s so quick and easy to create an enchanting area with just a few torches, that there’s really no reason not too! Tiki Torches – Our STYLISH Top Picks Tiki torches come in a surprising number of shapes, sizes and … Read more